Older Data Reports

ice_miltonBMW stakeholders monitor the water quality in Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir and uploads the data to the Data Sharing Network (DSN). Click here to access the DSN’s interactive map. BMW members also collect water quality data about other areas of the watershed. Most of this data is available on the DSN.

Login Instructions to DSN
The DSN is accessible to everyone. The username and password is cdsnpublic. An interactive map should pop up. Zoom in on the map to the location(s) you’re interested in. On the left column of the page, click ‘select all’ to see all the data in the DSN. Little water droplets will appear near the water body if data is collected there. If you hover the mouse over the drop, it will list the organization that collects the data. If you click on the drop, the data will be downloaded into a separate screen.

Barr Lake

Milton Reservoir


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