YouTube Channel

BMW has put together some engaging and informative videos about water quality.

Click here to be directed to the YouTube Channel.

Other Media

BMW put together a story map of the Montclair basin for the 2020 watershed tour.  Many thanks to Mackenzie Runciman and Alex Trout making the story map.  Click here to see the map.

To illustrate the value that the USFS places on its role to protect and restore the health of America’s aquatic resources, the Agency created a short film titled “Your Best Waters.” This film portrays some of the objectives described in the USFS’s 2017 Rise to the Future: National Fish & Aquatic Strategy (Goal 1 under the Strategy includes components to address the invasive species issue across the entire National Forest System). The Agency will be working with partners to share this film over the coming months; please feel free to pass it along through your networks. To watch the film, click here.

On May 10th, 3 groups of Masters students from CU-Denver’s Environmental Science program presented their capstone projects on studies conducted in the BMW watershed. Below are their presentations.

BMW completes clean water messages using an EPA Urban Waters grant.

  • Click here to see a summary of the grant effort.
  • Power point presentation by Harvey Harper, ERD, regarding feasibility of in-canal treatment.Susan Thornton prepared a brief summary of BMW’s progress on their grant effort at the Feb. 26th Stakeholder meeting.
  • Click here to review it.The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has completed a phone survey of 2,000 homes.
  • Click here to see a summary of their findings as of February 2013. They will be conducting focus groups as part of this effort as well.

Other Presentations