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The 2021 Urban Water Cycle Bike Tour is virtual!  Take the tour by clicking below.

The 2021 Urban Water Cycle Bike Tour is live and ready for riders.  For the 10th year, this fun, interactive activity connects Coloradans directly to their water.

This year’s tour is a video, a web link and an app.  The 2021 Urban Water Cycle Bike tour video can be found here.  The web link and App link are here.  The App can be downloaded for free to your phone (both iPhone and Android are supported). The App is Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) and was developed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  You don’t have to have an account to use the App unless you want to post content.  For some of us who need more help using the technology here is an article with instructions.

Sponsors of this year’s tour include: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; the Colorado Stormwater Council; the Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association; Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure; Water Education Colorado; and KUNC Colorado Public Radio.

The tour will run from Tuesday June 22nd to Tuesday August 31st.  Contact Amy Conklin at or 303 525 5038 or through when you have completed the tour and collect a fabulous prize.

Last year’s tour ends where this year’s tour begins.  You can find last year’s tour here: 2020 Urban Water Cycle Bike Tour

BMW has put together some engaging and informative videos about water quality.

Click here to be directed to the YouTube Channel.

The Barr-Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association (BMW) appreciates your interest in our watershed. Contact us if you have any questions. If you’d like to participate in one of our events or see how we monitor water quality, check our Calendar and check our Outreach page. Thank you again for your interest.

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