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BMW's intern, Samantha McKinney has put together some very informative and entertaining videos about BMW topics.

Click here to be directed to the YouTube Channel.

University of Colorado – Denver Graduate students continued their partnership with BMW by updating the story map they created for BMW. Click here to see the map.

BMW helped organize an event to mark storm drains in the Cole Neighborhood. Read the press release here

The Barr Milton Watershed Association (BMW) is committed to keeping the water in Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir clean. BMW uses a collaborative approach to make decisions where all voices can be heard. Nearly half the people in the state live in the BMW watershed. This map shows the watershed. For more information about our watershed, click here.

The Barr-Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association (BMW) appreciates your interest in our watershed. Email us if you have any questions. If you’d like to participate in one of our events or see how we monitor water quality, check our Calendar and check our Outreach page. Thank you again for your interest.